Saturday, 23 March 2013

the exciting debut!

Before I say anything else, I would like to say that I am sorry.

It has been over one month since my last post. For those of you who were so looking forward to "stepping into" the change room and learning about how to lead cleaner, healthier, happier (and tastier) lives, one month is a long time.

If it's any consolation, I can assure you three things - 1) my absence has been the result of an extremely busy (and quite stressful) period, 2) my posts will be regular from this moment forth, and 3) this will be quite a lengthy post.

Now, let me explain why I have been so incredibly busy.

I have been preparing for the public debut of the change room. As you may or may not already be aware, the change room is not only a brand that intends to motivate others to become the healthiest, most mindful people they can be - it is also a company that produces incredibly healthy (and might I add, tasty) food.

Upon learning about the change room, my cousin (whose child attends Carlton Gardens Primary School) asked me whether I would be interested in selling my products at the school's annual Harmony Fete. I jumped at the opportunity! If children can be taught to enjoy healthful food and learn how to look after their bodies, it follows that they are more likely to become healthy adults.

I was excited to showcase my Supercakes (small cupcake / muffin - like morsels that are super good for you). However, two weeks into my preparation, I encountered a bit of a hurdle. Everything had to be nut- free.

Now, I personally am a bit of a nut when it comes to nuts. I love them. Almost to the point of it being scary. And all of my Supercakes contain nuts in some shape or form. So being told that none of my products could contain nuts was a bit of a shake- up. I did modify my Supercakes to ensure that they were nut- free, but they fell short of my expectations so I scrapped them. Great. Back to the drawing board.

After a fortnight of daily (and nightly) experimentation, reading, research and cooking, I am proud to tell you that the change room had nine items available at the Harmony Fete today! There are now five Powerbar flavours and four Protein Ball flavours - all of them are gluten free, nut- free, vegetarian, free from refined sugars, and free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives. They are also high in protein and fibre, and have a low glycaemic index (low GI).

I will discuss the merits of my Supercakes, Powerbars and Protein Balls in my next blog post. For now, I would like to share with you my observations during today's fete.

At first, things were slow. Many people were drawn to the packaging and appearance of the change room's food, and many people commented on how "gourmet" and "amazing" the food looked - but when it came to asking their children what they wanted from the cake stall, the cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and slices always won.

But of course they did. After all, isn't junk food enticing? Icing sugar dyed pink or blue, cake pops rolled in hundreds'n'thousands, golden cornflakes glued together by a sticky combination of honey and sugar... In moderation, the odd treat is justifiable (although a truly "clean" body will not often feel the need to indulge in these sorts of foods). But what I witnessed today was that the same people - both young and old - were returning several times to treat themselves to several different items, several times over. They were completely oblivious to what they were putting into their bodies, and completely unaware of what chemical pathways they were reinforcing by feeding their bodies in this manner.

Once again, a light bulb moment.

Children learn by absorbing what they are shown and taught. It makes sense then, that we need to show them and teach them. So I spoke to their parents instead. I asked them to try the items I had available - and they were shocked at how something so tasty could be so beneficial for their health. Some adults still had no interest, but some were encouragingly curious.

Some people asked me whether they can place orders for my products (and the answer is yes, indeed, you can - just email me at for more information).

And almost all of the adults who were interested in living cleaner and healthier lives asked one common question - how? To those people, I have this message - I will teach you.

Just follow me into the change room.

Oh, and just in case you were interested - by the end of the day, almost everything had sold out!

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